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Last update:
August 22, 2018

UWC Bylaws Update – Review the Changes

The UWC Bylaws Committee has drafted revised Bylaws that will be presented to the UWC membership for a vote at a lecture event. On this page you can view the old bylaws, the revised bylaws, and see a chart showing the changes made to each section of the bylaws.

Link to Proposed New Bylaws

Link to Constitution-2012-2015

Link to Chart Comparing Old Constitution/Bylaws and New Bylaws

Please send and comments or questions to Frieda Holley

Why the Changes, Why Now, and Next Steps

The UWC Constitution requires a periodic review of the UWC Constitution and Bylaws. A committee consisting of Frieda Holley, Mollie Morton, and Kathy Randall reviewed the UWC Constitution and Bylaws and decided a thorough rewrite was needed.  Except for one minor change in 2015, the documents have not been reworked since 2012.

The committee created two new governing documents that better reflect current UWC practices:  Bylaws and Standing Rules.  The Bylaws need to be approved by two-thirds of the members; the Standing Rules need only the approval of the Board.  In our existing documents, there is no difference in the approval process between the Constitution and Bylaws.

One goal is to have the Bylaws contain items that are least likely to change over time.  Another goal is to include items that are usually in bylaws but were not in the UWC documents, such as the duties of the elected officers.

The Executive Board has discussed the new Bylaws and believes they are ready for discussion and approval by the general membership. They must be approved by two-thirds of the members attending a general meeting of the UWC, that is, a Lecture Luncheon.

We want to provide ample time for members to comment on the revision.  Above are links to the proposed Bylaws, the existing Constitution and Bylaws, and a comparison chart showing the differences.  All the existing Constitution is in the proposed Bylaws, but only parts of the existing Bylaws are there. The comparison chart indicates which document, if either, contained the material being modified.  The last line of the comparison chart lists the items in the Bylaws that have been moved to the Standing Rules.  The Board is still discussing the Standing Rules and they will be posted on our website once they are approved.

Although time will be allotted for discussion of the Bylaws at the March Lecture Luncheon before we ask for approval, we hope to minimize the time needed for discussion by providing members opportunities to ask questions and express concerns before the meeting.  Please send your questions and concerns to Frieda Holley,  Thank you so much for your cooperation and help in this matter.