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Last update:
October, 2019

Parking for UMC Events



Parking at the Euclid Parking Garage

Finding a parking spot at the Euclid Garage is not always easy, so be sure to allow time to find alternate parking if necessary. The entire bottom floor of the garage requires a parking permit – do not park beyond the sign that indicates a permit is required or you may be ticketed and liable for a fine of $50. If you do park in the public area of the garage, you purchase parking at a paystation located near each pedestrian exit. Following the prompts at the paystation, you enter your car license plate number (Hint: take a photo of your license plate with your phone and you’ll always have the number) and pay in cash or by credit card. The parking price is $2.00 per hour for up to 3 hours and can be purchased in increments. You do not need to put the receipt onto your car dashboard.

Consider Taking the Bus

Unless you are carpooling and sharing the cost of parking, is more cost effective to take the bus. Several bus routes, including the SKIP, the 204, 225, and the DASH, stop on Broadway very close to the University Memorial Center (UMC). Other buses, including the STAMPEDE and the HOP, stop on 18th Street just behind UMC.

You can figure out the best route from your house by using the RTD Trip Planner . You enter the address from which you are starting (your house), enter the address at which you want to end (Broadway and Euclid Ave, Boulder) and the time at which you want to arrive. Click “Plan Your Trip” and RTD will figure out your choice of routes including any transfers you have to make. Some bus stops have shelters, many bus stops have benches, and all bus stops are marked by a red and white sign that lists all routes that stop at that location.

If there is no easy bus route from your house, you can start at a Park and Ride or plan some shopping at the 29th Street Mall before or after the UWC event and park there. The HOP is an easy ride from the mall and runs about every 10 minutes. Catch the clockwise bus on 29th Street just across from Macy’s entrance. It will take you to 18th Street behind UMC. When you return, take the counter-clockwise bus from the east side of 18th Street. The HOP goes in a loop, so either direction will get you there, but it is a shorter route on the south side of the loop.

A three-hour local bus pass is $3.00, but for Seniors it is only $1.50. You need to pay with the exact amount or use a ticket from a 10-ticket booklet which you buy at the bus station ($28 regular; $14 senior). When you put your money or ticket into the fare box on the bus you get a pass which is then good for all local bus rides during the next three hours, so you use the pass if you transfer to a different bus, or, if you are ready to return home within 3 hours, it is good for the return trip. If you are lucky enough to have an EcoPass, you ride for free.

If you are still a little nervous about riding the bus, see RTD’s six steps for “How To Ride Bus” here: or find Kathy Randall at a UWC event and ask her for the scoop. She rides the bus a lot.