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Last update:
October, 2019

2019-20 Board of Directors


UWC 2019-2020 Board
President Merry Bullock
President-Elect Janet Brewer
Secretary Carrol Kalafus
Treasurer Kathy Herder
Past President Arlene Gerwin
Advisory/Parliamentarian Frieda Holley
Communications Betty Huff
Email/Directory Kathryn Wardell
Gala Centennial Book Frieda Holley
Gala Centennial Celebration Joyce Spencer
Historian/Handbook Berry Todd
Honors Reception no chair for 2019-20
Hospitality Norma Portnoy
Interest Groups Nancy Liggett
Margaret Willard Award Kathleen Peterson
Membership Karen Neff
New Members Kathryn Terrill
Nominating Committee Janet Brewer
Opera Brunch Sandra Johnson
Program Chair Lynne Barnett & Sharon Nehls
Repository Helen Hooper
Scholarship Committee Marge Riddle
Scholarship Luncheon Mary Piere
Telephone Tree Linda Blomquist & Helen Hooper
Website Joyce Spencer
Secretary Elect Kathleen Salzberg
Treasurer Elect Kathy Herder
Please feel free to contact any Board Member by using your Membership Handbook for contact information.

Interesting in serving on the Board or on Board Committees? Contact
President Merry Bullock (

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