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Last update:
October, 2019

Hiking Group

Meets Every Friday, 9:00 am September-May; 8:30 am June-August
Co-Chairs: Frieda Holley, Heidi Lynch

The Hiking Group meets every Friday morning, rain or shine, snow or holiday, for an appropriate walk or hike that day. There might be only two members, or there could be fifteen or more, depending on the weather and the day. Between September 1 and May 31, we meet at 9:00 a.m.  These hikes and walks are about 3 to 5 miles roundtrip and generally get us back by late morning.  During the summer, June 1 to August 31, we meet at 8:30 a.m. to avoid some of the heat. Our meeting place is the parking structure on the 30th Street side of Macy’s, lower level, area nearest Walnut and 30th. We usually decide on the hit,e by Thursday afternoon and send an email to everyone. For these regular hikes, we welcome anyone to come with no need to let us know. Just show up ready to go.

In the summertime, we try to go up in the foothills somewhere for a slightly longer hike with sack lunches, weather permitting. For most of these, we met at 8:00 a.m. The drive to the trailhead could make the day longer, or the hike itself might be longer. Many trails out of Brainard Lake are favorites, as well as other Indian Peaks Wilderness places like Fourth of July and Diamond Lake, Devils Thumb Bypass, Niwot Ridge, St. Vrain Creek trails, up into Rocky Mountain Park for Wild Basin to Ouzel Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, down south to Roxborough Park, Golden Gate Park, or up to Moffat Tunnel (East Portal) trails … and many, many more. Anyone who does not have the time or energy for these longer excursions meets at the usual time and place for a local hike, or arranges an even later time.

The group has all levels of hikers/walkers. The conversations as we walk are animated and are sure to keep the bears and mountain lions away! On a given hike, some might go at a faster pace (the “swifter striders”), some medium (the “average amblers”), and some more like walking (the “slower strollers”). We rarely carpool according to these groupings because it is too hard to decide, or we really want a chance to talk with all the members. But we do try to have at least two people together and to always know where the others are. Most hikes are “out and back”, so we do find each other at the end. The wonderful sociability continues for many with lunch afterwards, usually at Jason’s (28th and Walnut, in Boulder Plaza, west side of 28th).

Please visit the Interest Group page for the current chairperson[s]. Feel free to contact the chair if you’d like more information.