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Last update:
October, 2019

Margaret Willard Award Recipients

The prestigious Margaret Willard Award is awarded annually to women who are exemplary role models and bring honor to all women and the University/Boulder community through their accomplishments.

Karen Diamond

2019 Recipient


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Karon Johnson

2018 Winner

Tobey Bassoff

2017 Winner

Lorrie Sheppard

2016 Winner

Karon Johnson’s  life has been dedicated to service, in her personal and professional activities. She has worked to create jobs, increase  educational opportunities, and promote opportunity.  In addition to dedication and leadership in her professional life, Karon served as an avid volunteer on the boards of many organizations serving the Boulder community. Retirement has provided her with continued service opportunities in Boulder and elsewhere in the country.  Karon is an exceptional role model and brings honor to all women and to the University/Boulder community through her accomplishments.

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Tobey Bassoff, Principal of Ryan Elementary Steam School, BVSD was  nominated by member Barbara Spriggs, former Director of Student Teaching for CU’s School of Education.

Tobey helped spearhead the STEAM program at Ryan Elementary, and developed partnerships with parents, community organizations, and CU’s School of Education.

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We are pleased to announce that the recipient of the 2016 Margaret Willard Award is Lorrie Shepard, Distinguished Professor and Dean of the University of Colorado School of Education. Lorrie was nominated by Karon Johnson.

Lorrie has led the effort to bring top research and teaching faculty to the school. Under her leadership, exemplary programs are improving K-12 education and teacher training in local schools.

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Dayna Bowen Matthew

2015 Winner

Stephanie Rudy

2014 Winner

Becky Roser

2013 Winner

Professor Matthew will return to Boulder from Washington, D.C. to accept the award. She is currently a 2015-2016 Robert Wood Johnson Health Policy Fellow, serving as Senior Advisor to the Director, Office of Civil Rights for the Environmental Protection Agency. She will also be the recipient of the CU Law School – 2015 Clifford Calhoun Faculty Award for Public Service.

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She has served on many boards: The Colorado Music Festival, Open Studios, Conference on World Affairs, the Dairy Center for the Arts, and the Vocal Advisory Board for CU Opera. She is a founding member of The Conversation Project of Boulder County.

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Rebecca (Becky) Rosser served as Director of Clinical Services, Communication Disorders and Speech Science (CDSS) at the University of Colorado, Boulder for many years. Her retirement in 1988 led her to full-time service to the University and Boulder community. Her vision, direction, and support helped create the multi-discipline ATLAS Center, which serves students and the community through innovative art, technology, and learning opportunities.

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Margaret Willard Award Winners

  • 2019     Karen Diamond
  • 2018     Karon Johnson
  • 2017     Tobey Bassoff
  • 2016     Lorrie Sheppard
  • 2015     Dayna Bowen Matthew
  • 2014     Stephanie Rudy
  • 2013     Becky Roser
  • 2012     Val Havlick
  • 2011     Lynne Fetterman
  • 2010     Jeannie Thompson
  • 2009     Anne Hager-Rudy, Ruth M. Wright
  • 2008     Carlen Quarenberg Penfold
  • 2007     Claudine Garby; Rosemary McBride
  • 2006     Caryl Kassoy
  • 2005     Barbara Benton
  • 2004     Jane Butcher; Julianne Steinhauer
  • 2003     Patricia Limerick
  • 2002     Edith Dell’Apa
  • 2000     Marilee DeGoede (Dunn); Elaine Hansen
  • 1999     Kristi S. Anseth; Katherine Moerke
  • 1997     Mary Bonneville; Zoya Popovic; Angela Thieman
  • 1996     Jo Copeland; Esther de Onis; Barbara Doscher; Donna Goldstein
  • 1995     Susan Avery; Ceal Barry; Karen Raforth; Betty Walters
  • 1994     Lee Chambers-Schiller; Sandra Sue March; and Virginia Ann Guy
  • 1993     Barbara Lutes; Doris Olsen; Marcia Westkott