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Last update:
October, 2019

UWC President’s Award Recipients

Each year since 1993, the UWC President has presented an award at the Honors Reception to one or more outstanding members of the Board who have demonstrated their capabilities and steadfastness, shared their knowledge and experience, provided innovation, and/or made an outstanding effort to further the Board and club initiatives, agendas and activities.

These awards have been presented to the following members:

2018-19 Frieda Holley
2017-18 Merry Bullock
2016-17 Joyce Spencer
2015-16 Mary Huffman
Virginia Stringi
2014-15 Arlene Gerwin
Patty Ludke
2013-14 Karon Johnson
Rosemary Getsie
2012-13 Diana King
2011-12 Linda Blomquist
2010-11 Virginia Ross
2009-10 Kathy Randall
2008-09 Karon Johnson
2007-08 Esther Magathan
2006-07 Carol Etges
2005-06 Esther Magathan
2004-05 Elizabeth Hoffman
2003-04 Stephanie Corotis
Boyce Sher
2002-03 Claudine Garby
2001-02 Joan Podgorski
2000-01 Kate Crawford
Judy Maiocco
1999-00 Caryl Kassoy
1998-99 Marilee DeGoede (Dunn)
Marcia Elwood
1997-98 Karen Diamond
1996-97 Marilyn Peltzer
1995-96 Maurine Earon
1994-95 Claudine Garby
1993-94 Eloise Pelson
1992-93 Edith Dell’Apa