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Last update:
April 26, 2018

Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to our 2017
UWC Scholarship Winners

Our April Scholarship Luncheon is all about meeting our new scholarship winners. There are five this year. Hana Le Tat was unable to join us, but we will hope to see her in the Fall. CONGRATULATIONS ladies! Thank you to Becky Palmer, Chair, and to her Scholarship Committee: Merry Bullock, Kamilla Macar, Diana Maiden, and Susan Rapp.

Andrea Hart

Andrea Hart is proud to be a CU Junior majoring in Film Studies. At the age of 9, Andi was producing movies and knew she wanted to pursue a film career. After graduating from high school early, she received a two-year Presidential Scholarship to Laramie County C.C. Andi then attended the Colorado Film School, but was barely able to finish the semester due to a dangerous living situation. Back in Cheyenne she found herself embroiled in family turmoil, and put her education on hold. Presently Andi is recovering from major depression resulting from past emotional abuse and is working to support herself. She finished her first semester at CU with straight A’s. Andi’s passion is to “educate the public and to produce films that address issues of gender disparity and the way women are perceived in society.”

Desiree Hunter

Desiree Hunter, a Colorado native and CU sophomore studying ecology and evolutionary biology, understands the importance of academic study and success. Unfortunately, her college experience right out of high school was not stellar. Discouraged and facing mounting tuition costs and uncertainty about her academic interests, Desiree returned to Colorado determined to work and save money for college before she returned to academia. Working long hours at call centers and retail stores, Desiree learned skills in business, customer service, empathy and leadership. Upon enrolling in community college, she succeeded in the very courses that had stymied her in the past. With her interest in the sciences confirmed by success, she received the Phi Theta Kappa honor society award and was selected to participate in the Colorado Space Grant Consortium DemoSat Program.

Danelle Ice

The bright, cheery bundle of energy that is Danelle Ice has already had an award-winning career in digital media. Danelle grew up in Alaska, married and started her family while being a self-employed social media consultant to major corporations like Kraft Foods and Sony Pictures helping them use social media to market their products. Even though Danelle was successful in her career, she felt that the contribution that she was making to the world was not as significant as one she could make in the future. The challenge of developing Quantum Information Transfer (internet download speeds) led her to seek a degree in Physics at CU where she is finishing her sophomore year.

Hana Le Tat

Hana Le Tat emigrated to the U.S. from Vietnam in 2008 with her parents and three siblings. In fewer than nine years she has not only learned English, but she supported her family following the death of her father providing financial stability so that her three younger siblings could attend college and graduate school. Though a successful business woman within the Panda Express restaurant group and recognized as the youngest person to open and manage the new Billings, Montana outlet, Han later set her life on a new path and enrolled at Front Range Community College. An honor student, who was awarded the Townsend Business Scholarship in 2015, Hana is now an outstanding student at the CU Leeds School of Business.

Katie Wallace

Katie Wallace grew up in the shadow of the Flatirons. Her early experiences included spending two months volunteering in a school in Uganda, spending almost six years as a counselor on a rape crisis hotline Moving to End Sexual Assault in Boulder and organizing a Take Back the Night rally at her community college. She discovered her passion and talents for political organizing during President Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign. She has served as a legislative aide at the state Capitol and also worked on or managed four other state and local campaigns. As a part of her honors thesis, she will be collaborating this summer with a CU faculty member on a study which may become a book about co-option of issues related to gender violence.