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Last update:
August 22, 2018

Scholarship Winners


Congratulations to our 2018
UWC Scholarship Winners

Our April Scholarship Luncheon is all about meeting our new scholarship winners. There are five this year. CONGRATULATIONS LADIES!!! Thank you to Scholarship Committee – Becky Palmer, and Merry Bullock Co-Chairs, Sherry Woodruff and Sydney Hoerler.

Erika Bailon

Erika Bailon is a determined woman who is a role model for anyone willing to work hard to achieve academic success and to help others help themselves. When she was 20 she came to the U.S. by herself in order to help support her family in Mexico. After teaching herself English, she enrolled at Denver Community College where she was an honor student.  She tutored students who were struggling with math and science.  She has been a volunteer translator and interpreter at the Detention Center in Aurora. Now at CU Boulder she serves on the board of Women in Computing. After earning a Bachelor’s Degree, she plans to work and then continue her education to earn a Master’s Degree.

Fiona Bartell

Fiona Bartell has travelled many paths on her way to being a CU junior, majoring in human geography. She grew up in Wisconsin, and knew she wanted to be engaged in some way to promote well-being. She did that on a one-to-one level, working as a master chef, nanny, massage therapist, manager, life coach and social media consultant. After some rough patches that included leaving school, Fiona returned to CU and found the major that will allow her to promote well-being at large-scale, societal levels. Her goals include addressing social justice and human rights issues at community and global levels. Fiona works in the geography department studying affordable housing, lives in a co-op with 8 roommates, and is a life-long dancer and photographer.

Sarah Broadbent

If you drop a “Sarah Broadbent pebble” into the ocean, the ripple effect will be massive! This remarkable young woman, has already received a President’s Volunteer Service Award for going above and beyond, dedicating countless hours to AmeriCorps after tornado devastation in Missouri. She is hard-wired to learn from personal obstacles then turn around and to help others overcome theirs. With her double major in Psychology and Religious studies and a 4.0 GPA she hopes to do clinical therapy for children with anxiety disorders. All the while, she keeps her eye on a PhD, honing her education in service of the underserved.

Ruby Rendon

Ruby Rendon personifies perseverance.  For 17 years she lived in a one bedroom apartment in Los Angeles with eight people who were victims of their environment. Despite the abuse, drugs and neglect in which she lived then, she has risen above those circumstances and walked away after high school to enroll in community college in San Diego.  There she found people who believed in education and in her. Now she is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Language and Hearing Sciences with a BCaBA Certification allowing her to analyze behavior and educate families about redirecting challenging behaviors in young people.  She would eventually like to open schools for children with mental and physical disorders.

Daniel Workman

Daniel Workman is a story teller. As a photojournalist, he does this with his camera. Having a story of his own ignited his quest for knowledge. While in community college, his diligence and talent earned him a cherished spot in the Eddie Adams Workshop in New York, where he worked alongside Pulitzer Prize-winning photographers as mentors and colleagues. He is currently focusing his passion on producing a documentary about rural West Virginia. His work is on display in CU’s Journal 2020, which featured 22 of his images. Daniel overcame crippling fear to come back to school, having realized that his talent awakens and inspires others.