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Last update:
August 22, 2018

Support UWC Scholarships when buying groceries!!

The King Soopers Gift Card Rewards Program is here!

UWC Members can purchase a King Soopers Gift card from UWC. This card can be used for all King Soopers grocery, fuel center, and pharmacy purchases. The card can continually be reloaded for any amount up to $500, and King Soopers will give UWC 5% of all purchases made.  Since we all have to eat and buy groceries, this program allows UWC to receive additional contributions at NO cost to either the member or UWC.  There are no fees associated with the card.

How it Works
You simply fill your cart with groceries, and use the card to pay for groceries. The first time, BEFORE ringing the groceries up, tell the cashier you want to load funds onto your gift card (it comes preloaded with $10).  You can load funds from your checking account or credit card.  The cashier will charge your credit card for the amount you specify and load that amount onto the gift card.  Then you pay for your purchase with the gift card and the remaining balance will show on your receipt.  You can use the gift card to purchase anything at King Soopers EXCEPT services. (Services include Western Union, Money Orders, Ticket Master, Postage Stamps, Lottery Tickets, and other Gift Cards.)   When you make your next grocery run, you can ask the cashier to tell you the balance on your card if you are unsure, and you can reload again.  It is also possible to reload at the customer service desk if you are not making grocery purchases.
Please note this card will become inactive if there is a zero balance for 90 days, so please continue to use this card for your purchases keeping at least a balance of $2.50 on it. The card is considered as cash, so store it in a safe location, because if it is lost, King Soopers is not liable.  You will still receive King Soopers discounts by using your normal King Soopers card with the gift card, and if you reload with your credit card, you will still receive any credit card points on your credit card purchases, so there is no down side to using the gift rewards card.

How to get a card
To help support UWC scholarships by participating in this fundraising activity, please send a check made payable to UWC for $10 per card (you may want to give one or more as a gift after loading it with a bit more $!) and mail to:

Kathy Herder (Treasurer), 7249 Siena Way, Boulder CO 80301

Once the cards arrive, Kathy will contact you for delivery. Thank you to everyone for your assistance and support with this program.

Why the King Soopers card?
This was the #1 choice for fundraising activities that members chose on last year’s survey. Many people are familiar with this program from other organizations to which they belong. If you already have a card for another organization, we ask that you consider participating with UWC in addition. The program is simple. UWC orders gift cards linked to our organization from King Soopers for $10 each. Then members can purchase the card from UWC for $10, which will be the initial value on the card.