Welcome to the UWC Membership Page!

You may join UWC or renew your UWC annual membership here.

Membership dues are $35 and cover the UWC year from August through July.
Your $35 dues include a $5 donation to the UWC scholarship fund. Larger scholarship donations can be indicated on the form and are always welcome!


Please fill out the online membership form below completely, even if you are a renewing member. It is important that all information be verified in the UWC database.

After you have completed the membership join/renewal form you have three options for paying:

  • Credit card (preferred) – In the form, under Payment Method, select “Credit card.” Then fill in the required credit card information. (processed via Square, not PayPal).
  • PalPal – In the form, under Payment Method, select “PayPal.” Then click  “Submit”  and you will be directed to the PayPal payment website.
  • Check – In the form, under “Payment Method” select “Check.” You will then see information on how to mail your check. Write this down, then click “Submit.” Your membership renewal / joining will be complete on receipt of your check.

Please fill out the membership form completely, even if you were a member last year. It is important that we verify all the information presently in the database.

Please direct questions to Merry Bullock, Membership Chair
+1-303-717-3024 (texts are gratefully accepted!) or