UWC hosts 5 Lecture Luncheons each year. Each Lecture Luncheon event for the 2021-2022 year was via webinar. The  April Scholarship Luncheon and the Honors Reception were held in person. The Lecture program usually begins with announcements about upcoming activities or UWC business, followed by a 45 minute lecture. Speakers include CU faculty, local experts on science, arts, history, natural history, or other topics, and authors or writers.

Topics for the year’s Lecture Luncheons are announced in September. Lecture Luncheons occur in October, November, January, February and March, usually on the second Tuesday of the month.

Lecture Luncheons

October 2022  – Callie Rennison PhD – Victimization Against Women

November 2022  – Barbara Zimmerman, PhD – Famous Women in Science: Navigating a Man’s World

January, 2023  – Kelly Ostoff – Alzheimer’s: The Latest Research

February, 2023  – Ann Schmiesing PhD – The Evolution of Grimm’s Fairytales

March, 2023  – Amy Javernick-Will PhD – Pathways to Livable Relocation Following Disaster

Other Events

September, 2022 – Membership Coffee

March, 2023 – Opera Brunch

April, 2023 – Scholarship Luncheon

May, 2023- Honors Reception