UWC Happy Hour/Tea Time Conversations

A fortunate consequence of our Covid-19 isolation is a new UWC activity. It is great fun and a great way to get to know one another better. We offer a Zoom get together for anyone who wants to attend at which we have a conversation based on a particular topic.

Here’s how it works: An email is sent to all UWC members with the topics for the month. If you’d like to participate, you email Kathy Randall to reserve a spot for the meeting. Then, a day or two before the scheduled Happy Hour/Tea Time, you receive some details of the meeting, and on the meeting day, you receive a Zoom invitation. At the scheduled time you just click on the link provided and follow the instructions your computer, tablet, or phone gives you to join the Happy Hour/Tea Time Conversation.


With our UWC Zoom account we have the option of breaking into smaller groups so our conversation can be manageable regardless of the number of people who sign up. The format for the discussion varies depending on the conversation topic of the day. Sometimes our topics are serious, sometimes a bit frivolous. Sometimes they surprise us with responses we would not have predicted. Some of our favorite conversation starters have included “Good advice I would give my teenage self if such a thing were possible,” “Favorite movie comedies and dramas,” and one of the most interesting of all, “A place I loved to go as a child.”

If you haven’t yet participated in this new way of getting together, and of getting to know each other, perhaps you’ll give us a try. Watch for the monthly topics that will appear in MESSAGES and come to your email inbox.