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Andie Kutinsky - President 2023-2024

My name is Andie Kutinsky. I’m a relatively new member to UWC having joined on the recommendation of friend and colleague Norma Singer Portnoy in 2019 just before the Pandemic. I am honored to be chosen to serve as your 2023-2024 incoming President. I am humbled to be following in the footsteps of such wonderful leaders as Tamera VanSpriel, who navigated us through the Pandemic, and Norma Portnoy who helped navigate us out of the Pandemic. It will be my job to move us into the next phase. This year will be about leading us to define the organization we are now; emphasizing fun and service in the sisterhood of an incredible group of women.

I retired as a lifelong educator having been a teacher in two states , Assistant Principal at the high school level, a principal at the elementary level, Assistant Superintendent for Elementary schools, and a Director of Special Education for Boulder Valley Schools.

Following my ‘retirement’ I co-founded and was Executive Director of Focal Point; an independent educational consulting company doing transformation work in school systems in Colorado, New York, New Jersey, and Texas. In 2016 I went off on my own to form Kutinsky and Associates which worked with evaluation systems for teachers and administrators in New Jersey and Colorado. I sold that company to my team in 2018.

I love my time at UWC. I currently participate in the Advanced Spanish Conversation group, the Out to Lunch Group and the Happy Hour/Tea time group (just a few of the over 20 interest groups).

I hope anyone reading this message will be rewarded by the sisterhood and fellowship they can find at UWC. I can be contacted by email at; or cell at 719-492-7967. I hope to meet each one of you, individually. Here’s to a great 2023-24.

2023-2024 UWC President

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