TUESDAY November 7, 2023  – UMC 235

Devin Patrick Hughes – Boulder Symphony Director

The Conductor’s Relationship with the Music, Orchestra, & Audience

Devin Patrick Hughes

Devin Patrick Hughes Highly regarded for his exhilarating score interpretations, advocacy for music accessibility, innate passion and entrepreneurial vigor, Devin Patrick Hughes has conducted orchestras across North America and Europe. He currently serves as Music Director and Conductor of the Boulder Symphony. Devoted to music existing for a greater communal purpose, Maestro Hughes attracts and creatively engages audiences of all stripes by bringing the stories behind the music to life and inspiring critically acclaimed performances.

Music speaks to all of us and touches the human spirit. Utilizing a compilation of orchestral videos, Maestro Devin Patrick Hughes will help us better appreciate classical music and tell us about exciting community-wide outreach and major collaborations he has developed. He will also speak to the art of conducting and what goes on behind the scenes.

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