UWC Webinar or Lecture – Tuesday, February 9, 2021
Bill Stoehr, a Boulder artist, on “Your Brain on Art”

Have you ever wondered why a particular work of art appeals to you?  Attend this lecture to learn how the brain processes, responds to, and creates art.  Boulder Artist, Bill Stoehr will focus on the brain’s response to art and ways in which it is a window to the way that we perceive the world.

You will find out how a greater understanding of the brain’s response to art can lead to improvement in education and medicine including helping to rehabilitate a brain after a stroke or  debilitating disease.

Bill will also discuss his own creative process in which he creates ambiguity with abstraction and a few naturalistic cues, which enables viewers to create their own reality by completing images, creating narratives based on their own emotions.

Watch the Lecture Here

Lecture Begins at 7″ 15 sec on the video

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Website: www.williamstoehrart.com

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