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UWC Lectures

2021-22 Lectures

October, 2021: Classy Ladies: Women Composers of Great Music

Betsy Schwarm, Classical Music Historian

Explore women composers from the Italian Renaissance to American composers today, with abundant musical examples and suggestions for future listening.

Words to Songs and Playlist

November, 2021: Stories of Colorado Women: The Famous, the Infamous, and the Ones You Have Never Heard Of

Rae Wiseman, History Colorado

Throughout Colorado’s history, there have been women with a lasting impact on our lives and the rights we enjoy today.  From Native Americans and pioneer settlers to health providers, educators, and writers, women have risen to tremendous heights in their fields, despite adversity and social barriers.

January, 2022: Why Watching Modern Dance is So Hard: 10 Hot Tips to Make It Easier

Erika Randall, CU Department of Theatre & Dance Chair

In this pithy, physical, and playful talk, Randall unpacks dance moves like “the hinge,” the confounding history of running in concert dance, and how to notice and negotiate our biases when watching bodies in motion.

March, 2022: Shifting Narratives: How Journalism’s Coverage of Mass Shootings Has Evolved

Elizabeth A. Skewes, CU Journalism Department Chair

Historical and current description of media coverage of mass shootings and school shootings from 1966 to the present. Skewes discusses how coverage has changed and how journalists try to balance the duty to inform the public with the need to treat victims and survivors with an ethic of care.

2020-21 Lectures

October, 2020: How to Watch a Documentary

Jack Hanley, Academic, Critic, Filmmaker

Documentary films are one of the most interesting cultural forms of our time.  Some documentaries have even changed the world.  These films are intended to document reality and have the power to educate and inspire.  They serve as powerful tools that bring important topics to the table in a way that sparks conversation and sometimes even social movements.  Jack Hanley discusses the history of documentaries,  and how documentaries are created and funded., with examples of films that created public awareness and changed the world.

November, 2020: Leaning in: Shaping Colorado’s Future Through Leadership and Community Investment

Katie Kramer, Boettcher Foundation

Katie will talk about the transformational impact of leadership, the Boettcher Foundation’s current strategies and investment in the potential of Coloradans, and the influences that inspired her during her professional journey.

As president and CEO of the Boettcher Foundation, Katie Kramer has been recognized as one of the Denver Business Journal’s “40 Under 40” and one of the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce’s “Top 25 Most Powerful Women”.

January, 2021: Conducting Business: Lessons from the Podium

Brett Mitchell, Music Director, Colorado Symphony

Conductor Brett Mitchell shares his journey in music and the lessons in leadership that he learned along the way, including his fascinating journey leading to his appointment as Music Director of a major symphony orchestra at the age of only 37. He also discusses the Colorado Symphony’s unique business model and its day-to-day workings. Conductor Mitchell has led the orchestra in the majority of its classical subscription programs every season, as well as a wide variety of special programs featuring guest artists including Yo-Yo Ma, Itzhak Perlman, and Renee Fleming.  He regularly collaborates with the world’s leading soloists.

February, 2021: Your Brain on Art

Bill Stoehr, Boulder Artist

Learn how the brain processes, responds to, and creates art.  Boulder Artist, Bill Stoehr discusses the brain’s response to art and ways in which it is a window to the way that we perceive the world and can lead to improvement in education and medicine including helping to rehabilitate a brain after a stroke or  debilitating disease.  Bill also discusses his own creative process in which he creates ambiguity that enables viewers to create their own reality by completing images, and creating narratives based on their own emotions.

Other Events

2022 Opera Lecture

Dr. Tom Riis speaks about Frank Loesser and Guys and Dolls
Event date: April 24, 2022

2021 Opera Lecture

Dr. Tom Riis speaks about Frank Loesser and Guys and Dolls
Event date: April 24, 2022