The photos are from UWC interest groups meeting in the 2021-2022 year.

The Bookies

Readers Theatre 2

Sunday Afternoon at the movies





Linda Nordberg, Berry Todd, Ruth Harvey, Kathy Randall, Kathleen Newton, Sharon Nehls, Carol Smoot, Rachel Homer

Hiking group



Cottonwood Trail Feb 11, 2022

Frieda Holley, Joanie Cordone, Judy Reid, Judy Winkle, and Michele Harvey (visitor from London).



South Boulder Creek Trail –  Jan 14, 2022


Snowshoeing group

 Caribou Ranch Jan 12, 2022

Joanie Cardone, Kathleen Salzberg, Sarah Owens, Arlene Gerwin, Kathy Herder

The UWC Snowshoeing Group ventured to Caribou Ranch for the first outing of the season. The snow was hard packed so we wore spikes instead of snowshoes. The temp was in the 30’s with some wind but it was exhilarating to be outside and share good times with UWC friends.

If you are interested in joining the UWC Snowshoeing Group please contact the co-chairs- Arlene Gerwin or Joanie Cardone (see the UWC Directory for their contact information).