The University Women’s Club is proud to award scholarships to returning CU students for the 2023-2024 academic year.

Many many thanks to the scholarship committee: Judith Auer, Joyce Bograd, Sydney Hoerler, Diana Maiden, Kathleen Salzberg, and Marge Riddle (Chair).

UWC scholarships are supported by the generous donations of UWC members and friends! Donations are always welcome.

Sarah Coronna

Sarah will be entering her senior year at CU as a mother of four children and has achieved a grade point average of 3.8!  She manages her incredible balancing act while making her dream come true to become a history teacher. She is drawn to the needs and challenges of adolescents and makes it her goal to teach at this level. She believes in the empowerment of her future students and will use her anthropology major to aid in connecting them to the content of their education.

Sarah has fostered a strong relationship with service. She experienced summers in Nicaragua working with children teaching English and art. As well, she has devoted time to Native Americans and finds this to be one of her passions. She will pay it forward in her career path.

Bryan Gager

Bryan grew up in Colorado, the youngest of a large family. Although Bryan did not see higher education on his horizon, he knew he had a passion for the natural places of the world. From high school on, he worked at jobs that did not require advanced education in order to travel and spend time outdoors. While living in New Zealand, his desire to learn more about natural sciences was made clear. He now has a goal of earning bachelor’s and master’s degrees in  Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, a minor in Geography, and a Geographic Information Science (GIS) certificate.

Byryan hopes to put his love for the mountains and wildlife toward employment with land management agencies to find solutions to environmental problems.



Andrea Miller

Andrea grew up in a dysfunctional family and had to drop out of college. While waiting tables, a restaurant patron recognized her abilities and invited her to work in flight simulation. Here, she gained experience and confidence which led to a job with the research company, Battelle. During the pandemic, Andrea volunteered to work with Battelle’s Critical Care Decontamination System and excelled. From Boston to Hawaii, she extended Battelle’s services to hundreds of hospitals.

After the pandemic, Andrea started classes at CU Boulder and maintains a 4.0 GPA.  She will graduate in May 2024 with a BS in Computer Science and a Space minor. She was recently accepted into Carnegie Mellon University’s undergraduate research program for Summer 2023.


Jae Robinson

Jae grew up fascinated by the mysteries inherent in the natural environment, always asking, “Why.”  Her major, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, grew out of her curiosity about the world around her. Growing up along the Front Range, Jae experienced the variety of open spaces and parks that feed her curiosity.

As a CU student she continues to engage with scientific subject matter as varied as tracking variations in the earth’s magnetic field for a research project to adventures in mycology through the CU Mycology Club. She is a member of the national honor society Phi Theta Kappa and the CU Honors program. She has interned with NCAR/UCAR, as well as with the Research Experience for Community College Students program (RECCS) and worked for Schmidt Labs at CU Boulder.

Beatrix Runyan

Beatrix, daughter of college-educated parents, grew up on a small organic farm outside a tiny town in Iowa.  She was home-schooled and unschooled, being encouraged from a young age to seek out resources to satisfy her interests. This unorthodox upbringing taught Beatrix that she both loved learning and was responsible for her own success. Her parents felt that college was unnecessary, so Beatrix entered the workforce and clarified what she wanted to do. She was afraid of school, but it didn’t stop her! She’s a Neuroscience major.

Next she will seek out a Marital and Family Counseling program to become a psychotherapist. Her passion is to work with the most intimate places in peoples’ worlds-worlds of body, mind, spirit, self, other, and God.