2020 Scholarship Recipients

The University Women’s Club is proud to award 6 scholarships to returning CU students for the 2020-2021 academic year. These students have offered their THANK YOUS in videos (see link below).

Many many thanks to the scholarship committee: Lauren Charbonneau, Jean Fetterman, Sydney Hoerler, Boyce Sher, Sherry Woodruff, and Marge Riddle (Chair).

UWC scholarships are supported by the generous donations of UWC members and friends! Donations are always welcome!

Student recipients have each made a short thank you video to UWC members. View them all here

Khrystyne Bata

Khrystyne exemplifies the saying “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps.” She had a rough childhood, coming from a broken home with an abusive and alcoholic mother. She went to eight different high schools before dropping out from discouragement and frustration. At the age of 18, after completing her GED, she was accepted into the armed forces where she served for eight years. She met her husband at her first duty station of Buckley Air Force Base. They moved to Colorado in 2015 after serving together. She has a son Hunter. In order to restart her formal education, she attended Front Range Community College in 2017, then entered CU in 2019. Having a natural ability in accounting, she entered Leeds School of Business where she has a 3.5 GPA. This is especially commendable since her high school education was so deficient. Khrystyne has a special empathy for the homeless and those with financial insecurity having experienced this herself. Her aspiration is to help others using her business skills and knowledge.

Debby Bates

Not only is Debby Bates a first-generation college student, she is also a non-traditional student returning to her education as an adult. Her world was turned upside down when her eldest son age 10, was diagnosed with cancer. She learned first-hand where the system was lacking for children, families and parents going through such a catastrophic event. Through her education she plans to become an art therapist working in a children’s cancer hospital. Her compassion, coupled with skills acquired in college, will enable her to assist families navigating the upheaval in their lives emotionally and physically. When families are stretched beyond capacity, she aims to offer a therapeutic approach replacing extreme fear and isolation with support, guidance, tolerance and kindness. Debby is an inspiration in her compassionate drive.

Debby made the Dean’s List for Spring 2020 with a 3.88 GPA.

Alana Brummel

At one time Alana Brummel defined herself as a drug addict, living a life without discipline or hope. Four years ago she became pregnant and realized she would be parenting alone. With hard work and determination, she overcame her drug addiction. She transformed her life because her child was dependent upon her. Alana enrolled at Southwest Community College in Memphis. Today she is an honor student at CU majoring in mechanical engineering. She is passionate about preserving the earth and the systems that support human life. Alana believes that energy generation and consumption are the largest threats to nature. She plans to study the various energy solutions to discover how they can work together effectively.

Paula Chacon

Paula Chacon  describes herself as motivated, persistent and goal oriented. Growing up in an impoverished section of Bogota, she lived with her parents and extended family. At age eight, she took care of her siblings while her parents worked 16 hour days. In high school, Paula applied for a hotel job, but was refused employment because she wasn’t fluent in English.  Undeterred, she won placement in a specialized program for English studies . While working full time in Bogota after high school, Paula got an associate degree in tourism management.

With her savings,  she came to Boulder to work as an au pair and took community college  courses necessary for entrance to CU. Now she’s studying marketing, is married and hopes to get an MBA and start her own business. Her mother’s  unwavering support of her dreams inspired Paula to be  the first in her family to earn a university degree.

Samuel Lillibridge

Sam came from a family of low income and academics was not a top priority.  He received an AA Degree and was on the rowing team, but did not have the finances to continue.  He enlisted in the United States Marines. While in the Marines, he and his wife had 2 children, Hayden and Logan, and he felt he now had the tremendous responsibility to provide not only sustenance, but a life of which to be proud.  He has started back at CU to finish his education, majoring in Economics with a grade point of 3.7. In his words, “I take my education so seriously that I consider it the make or break in the outcome of my family’s lives. The most important thing to me is being a great father to my kids and setting the example for them.”

Marissa Palamara

The trajectory of Marissa’s life is wonderful to behold. Powered by enormous determination, resourcefulness, pure hard work, and (she is very quick to emphasize) the unwavering support of her grandparents, she has launched herself from a childhood in a small rural town in western Pennsylvania to being a successful aerospace engineering student with big dreams. Marissa’s favorite book is Endurance by the astronaut, Scott Kelly. That word so well describes Marissa as she went through setbacks. An undiagnosed medical condition caused her to lose her first university scholarship, and she thus had to leave that university for community college. She rebounded with appropriate treatment, and with great perseverance, set about regaining her goals to become an engineer. Eventually, that effort resulted in her being accepted into CU’s aerospace engineering program. She became involved with CU’s Sounding Rocket Lab where she has already had hands-on experience building a small rocket. She says, “I plan on continuing to work hard every day to meet my goals,” which include working in the space industry, getting a graduate degree, and even of applying to the astronaut program.